I’ve always felt music depicts the depths of both human emotion and experience in a tangible way. Merging this with my love of poetry and color theory, emotionally hungover was born.

Back in August, I jokingly challenged myself to making a playlist based on my mood everyday throughout the semester. As I thought on this idea, I made perimeters and set-up the logistics - 10 songs a day; no song repeats throughout the whole audio journal; titles will be a line of imagery/poetry demonstrating the mood.  

As the weeks went by, I found myself with a reflective catalogue of the complexities within my own emotions. With a view of the sheer amount of content and multitudes of intricate feelings, I decided to create a system for categorizing the playlists to make navigation more accurate and digestible for the user.

This is where I am at in the process. Enjoy listening through my diary, I hope you find some of your own experience within the catalogue as well.

Utilizing this emotional awareness board, built off the Geneva Emotion Wheel, I found a way to bucket my playlists into four different groups along with color associations. The Geneva Emotion Wheel uses the same premise, but rather than active and receptive, it is high-control and low-control.
Here are some of my favorite playlists I've made along the way
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